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TCDS is a Charitable Community Benefit Society run by its Members

The Society’s Vision

Totnes Community Development Society recognises the potential that multiple asset development and management within a not for profit community organisation offers for long term viability and sustainability of both the assets and the services/activities offered within the assets.

The Society believes that there is a greater opportunity for the assets themselves to be better sustained as a consequence of being able to cross subsidise across the multiple asset base. Practically using surpluses generated through the management of one asset to subsidise work in another.

In this way the Society also believes that multiple asset development and management within a not for profit community organisation can collectively sustain and support critical service provision that meets local need. Practically by being able to hold rent or hire charges or by providing free space (where appropriate to do so) to support services under threat of closure due to lack of finances.

The Society recognises that its role is not one of activity and service delivery but supporting others to deliver services and activities from within the space it manages; buildings and spaces which are collectively owned by the local community.

It has always been the intention of the Society to develop a multiple asset base, but in the current political and economic circumstances, it is felt more important to fully focus the effort of the Society on this aim.


Statement from TCDS on Atmos Totnes land sale.

Statement from TCDS on Atmos Totnes land sale.

Following a year of pursuing our legal right in relation to the former Dairy Crest site in Totnes, we discovered on Friday 12th March that the site had been sold, by its new owner Saputo Dairy UK Ltd, to Fastglobe Mastics, an Essex-based company, a deal brokered by...

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Announcing changes at a Board level at TCDS

Totnes Community Development Society are moving forward to the next phase, working towards the development of the former Dairy Crest site into the planned Atmos Totnes project and the community redevelopment of The Mansion. It has been able to reach this stage thanks...

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The Mansion during Covid-19: The Next Phase

Following a period of review with the nursery operating alongside a limited service from the library, Trustees of the King Edward VI College Site Foundation, known as The Mansion, are now seeking to introduce further activities back in to the Mansion on a phased basis.

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