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TCDS is not for profit company based in Totnes, Devon, that seeks to support the community in obtaining land, managing and imaginatively developing it, while also seeking to generate a social return on the time and money invested in these projects. We believe another model of development is possible, one led by and owned by the community. And we are dedicated to making that a reality on the ground.

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Atmos Totnes

TCDS is perhaps best known for leading the Atmos Totnes project, a groundbreaking initiative seeking to redevelop the former Dairy Crest site in Totnes. It is demonstrating how good development is only really possible when the community is creatively engaged from the outset, and is already being seen by some as national best practice. To realise Atmos Totnes, TCDS will use a new route to planning – the Community Right to Build Order.

Our Community

TCDS is rooted in its community. Its Directors are local residents, community leaders, and those working in many different aspects of the life of the community. TCDS and the Atmos Totnes initiative, and the team and partners that have come together to enable them to happen, are showing a real alternative to the conventional developer-led approach

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The Community Right to Build Order process moves forward

Having reviewed the representation made by members of the community and statutory organisations to Regulation 16 Consultation draft Order, South Hams District Council have confirmed that they consider that the Community Right to Build Order meets the Basic Conditions; that the Order is compliant and in accordance with planning regulations both locally and nationally amongst other requirements.

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TCDS shortlisted for social investment prize

Totnes Community Development Society (TCDS), has been shortlisted for a Social Investment Award run by the Cabinet Office in partnership with Nat West. TCDS are jointly shortlisted with UK social investor CAF Venturesome that has invested finance in the pre-development process taking place at the community-led development facilitated by TCDS, Atmos Totnes.

Together TCDS and CAF Venturesome are shortlisted for the Institutional social investment award, which will award and show-case the Institutional investment deal or product that has created demonstrable social impact at scale.

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The Mansion, Totnes

Devon County Council (DCC) is currently preparing for a potential transfer of trusteeship of the Mansion to Totnes Community Development Society (TCDS).

This follows business modelling undertaken by TCDS through the Town Council Steering Group last year and a call from the Steering Group for groups interested in taking on management of the Mansion to come forward on behalf of the community. The aim of this work has been to establish a way that the building can remain in community use into the future.

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