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Rob Hopkins

I’m the co-founder of Transition Town Totnes and Transition Network.  I live in Dartington village and am married with 4 sons.  As well as doing a lot to support the Transition idea and to support its spread around the world, I am also involved in lots of things locally.  I was a Trustee of the Dart Valley Learning Partnership (at KEVICC) until recently.  I took part in Dartington Hall Trust’s Land Use Review, and am one of the founders of New Lion Brewery, a social enterprise brewery in the town.  I’ve been involved in Atmos since about 2009 because I believe it is the key ingredient in changing the economy and the economic future of the town.

I think the story this town has to tell the world is of vital importance, and I try to balance my time between telling that story further afield and supporting its growth and development here.  My own passion is the potential of local building materials, especially cob and straw bale building.  I also am a keen gardener, have 4 chickens and enjoy walks on Dartmoor with my sons.  I blog at Transition Culture and tweet as @robintransition.  If I had three wishes, the first would be a supermarket sweep in Totnes’ Drift Record Store.

Frances Northrop

I live in Totnes with my husband and two daughters, one at the Grove and one at South Devon College.  Before moving here I worked with communities across England on a range of projects which were led by residents. These included development of social  enterprises and charities to meet need in both rural and inner city areas.

I have always worked in the community where I have lived and firmly believe that people have the capacity to make amazing things happen when they have the right information and tools. For me Atmos Totnes gives us an opportunity to create something meaningful on this important site which meets the needs of the community of Totnes, both now and in the future.

Dave Chapman

I’m married and live in Bridgetown with my wife and two daughters, my son is at university having left KEVICC three years ago. I work for my own company and I offer strategic planning, business planning and organisational development and programme and project management support to a range of organisations and groups.  Although I no longer actively play any sport I am still a keen follower of rugby (having played and coached both codes) and am a life-long supporter of Portsmouth FC (now owned by those who will take care of it – us the supporters!).

I love music, and although my phone is good for calls, and all the other stuff it does, its real function is to carry the music that matches my mood; everything from Led Zeppelin to Alan Jackson and Takeshi Terauchi via Passenger, Bach, and Tom Jones on the way. My involvement in Atmos goes back to 2007 and the start, and I’m involved because I believe that this project can bring about the radical change many of us want in terms of planning and land ownership. So, for me its about swinging the pendulum back towards communities and local people and particularly for those of us who live, work and play in Totnes.

Anna Lodge

I live in Ipplepen with my two (very energetic) young sons and a great husband who works in a local school. I set up my own business nearly five years ago and find myself working with some of the country’s finest innovators, entrepreneurs and doers. Many of them right here in Totnes.

I think that doing things that are complex and game changing is the lifeblood of an evolving society. Atmos Totnes is a massive opportunity for change around how land and assets are acquired, designed, used within communities. When something can be changed for the better, you get involved. I lead on communications with Atmos Totnes.

In a previous life I was Green Lifestyles Officer on the flagship zero carbon development BedZED. I was regularly to be found with my head in some of the UKs first online booking systems for car clubs, fixing community composters and exploring what flooring works best to for optimum thermal exchange. Since then I have run events for the Refugee Council and worked with the team at Schumacher College.

My blue skies are found whilst running, a habit since the age of 13. My 8 year old son and I are learning to grow vegetables together in our new garden. The greatest sound in the world is genuine laughter – bring it on.