Golden Iris are a group of young volunteers from in and around Totnes that work within the community to bring forward creative activities, skills development, capacity building and respect. They are working with Totnes Community Development Society to renovate and use the Elmhirst Building (the lower school site within KEVICC) which Totnes Community Development Society have a licence to use.

The Golden Iris team have a programme of events for the summer which take on and expand those activities within their debut event – the Golden Iris Festival 2017. These are focused on music, dance, fashion, photograph, graffiti and carpentry.

Expression of Interest:

A form has been put together to enable collaboration through the Elmhirst Building; to establish where there are other activities within the community, already underway or planned, that can support the Golden Iris team in opening up the building for the benefit of young people and other vulnerable individuals in the community, and make best use of the space in line with the vision of the Golden Iris team.

If you would like to put your activity forward for the Elmhirst Building please click here to complete an Expression of Interest form. Please complete the form as fully as possible so that when space becomes available the team can get in touch.

For more information about Golden Iris please see: