Devon County Council (DCC) is currently preparing for a potential transfer of trusteeship of the Mansion to Totnes Community Development Society (TCDS).

This follows business modelling undertaken by TCDS through the Town Council Steering Group last year and a call from the Steering Group for groups interested in taking on management of the Mansion to come forward on behalf of the community. The aim of this work has been to establish a way that the building can remain in community use into the future.

Representatives from DCC and TCDS are currently working together to ensure that the appropriate due diligence takes place around any potential transfer of Trusteeship to TCDS. Whilst both organisations are working towards this point, the transfer of the Trusteeship will not take place until the due diligence process has been completed to the satisfaction of both parties.

At the point that the process we are undertaking with DCC reaches a favourable conclusion, TCDS would seek to ask the Totnes community to support a short but important consultative process to understand how The Mansion can meet the needs of this community. This includes how the building should be used regularly as well as its relevance locally for short or sessional bookings for individuals and groups offering activities or services locally.

At this time, the Mansion remains the responsibility of DCC who continue to work with Devon Norse to maintain the building. TCDS and DCC will ensure the community of Totnes are aware of any changes to the management of the building in due course.