The Dart Valley Learning Trust at KEVICC has served notice to Totnes Community Development Society requiring the Society vacate the Elmhirst Building by the 15th March.

We have been told that the Site Development Committee at KEVICC has considered Totnes Community Development Society’s request for extension of the licence for the Elmhirst Building which is due to expire this month, but that they have made the decision not to allow an extension.

We are keen minimise disruption to those in the community using the building who are collaborating with the Society and Golden Iris at the Elmhirst Building, including the groups of young people that have started programmes of formal activities as well as drop-in sessions to support each other and the community as a whole.

The Site Development Committee have said that the site is still available for use if there were any specific events Totnes Community Development Society would like to hold. However, considering the number of regular activities now occurring at Elmhirst across the week, and the number of enquires Totnes Community Development Society is still receiving it is unlikely that one-off use will be sufficient to meet the needs of young people and the community in Totnes. At this time, it has not been made clear to Totnes Community Development Society what the proposed use of the building will be from 16th March.

We understand that users of the Elmhirst building and members of the Society will be keen to understand the schools plans for the site and reasons for ending the use of the building by Totnes Community Development Society and Golden Iris. Directors have therefore requested a meeting with the school as soon as possible, to seek the reason why the request has been declined and to reiterate the Society’s desire to extend the licence, so as to provide more stability to the activities and services being developed for the whole community as well as  providing on-going refurbishment and maintenance of the building itself. The Society of course remains committed to working with the school to achieve these aims.

Once we have more information we will be in touch. In the meantime, we will be in contact directly with volunteers, hirers and users of the building to discuss your plans and best ensure where possible you can to continue your important activities in this community.